Hello everyone! In this post, we will briefly explain the new thing we are adding to our game experience. The special access to closed betas only for our Patrons! In the further text, we will explain what is that beta and why are we adding that feature, Why Patron-only and How to access it.

What is Deep Beta?

Deep beta is an early way to access new content, features, and game modes inside Deep. If you are a big fan of the game and you would like to play new levels early, feel free to join the beta program. 

Why Beta? Why not update immediately?

We decided to add the beta program option so we can eliminate all bugs before the update comes to all users. Also instead of testing internally, you can support us and give a hand in the bug-finding quest. The question you also probably have on mind is: “Why are you locking it behind a paywall only for Patrons?” Well, our game currently has no way of making money except the individual donations and Patreon. We are planning to make some DLC content, but until then this is our main income source. And the beta feature didn’t exist before the Patron page, but instead because of your support,  we are able to take some time to publish the betas. So if we never had this page, the beta feature wouldn’t exist.

How to access the Deep Beta?

Before you start: Make sure you are at least Level 3 Supporter on Patreon ($10/month) to receive the access code. It can be found here.

Here are steps on how to join Deep beta and download the beta version of the game:1. Open Steam and navigate to your Library 2. Find Deep the Game, right-click on the title and select Properties

1. Open Steam and navigate to your Library
2. Find Deep the Game, right-click on the title and select Properties

3. Locate the BETAS tab in the new window

4. In the text box enter the code which you can find on this page.
5. After you have entered the code, you should see a success message
6. Now if you click on the dropdown menu with the text NONE – “Opt out of all beta programs”, you should see the new option “BETA – Beta builds of Deep” and clicking on that will start downloading the beta update (if available)

7. After the download finishes, start the game and explore what the update brings.

Thank you for reading, and we will see you in the cave!

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