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We make video games. Our published game Deep the Game, a pixel-art platformer game located deep inside the caves, has more than 150 000 players.


We make Android applications. Currently developing a wide range of apps.

Servers & Tools

We make server-side programing and other tools. Responsible for a few API middle man servers, game servers, and tools such as Web API lookup tools, etc.

We are Goricina Productions – a small indie game and software development team developing since 2015. A studio under Goricina Entertainment.

Game-makers behind Deep the Game – a pixel art platformer game located deep inside the caves. The development of the project started in June 2018 and the game’s initial release was December 1st of the same year on Itch.io. The game received some updates in the following year, and then it was released on Steam in January 2020. The game reached the 100,000 players milestone in April of 2020, and the game now has over 150,000 players. Deep was updated regularly until March 2021 when its development was stopped.

We are currently working on third-party mobile applications and services.

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