Winter Update!

The Winter update is out! This is one of the biggest updates for the Deep yet. We have added Winter levels, customization options, new options, and pause menus and much much more! Read the full changelog below. The update is out on Android and it will be out on in an hour.

Deep 3.5.4 Update Full Change-Log


– We have added customization for the player! Equip some new shirt colors or hats or simply use a full skin from the skin selector menu.
– Added new chest system: for every 1000 coins you collect, you get a chest that contains a random cosmetic item or after completing a chapter.
– New Customization Store for skin selection


– Added Difficulty Settings to change the difficulty of the game. You can choose between 3 different options: – EASY (There are no enemies – parkour only, you get an additional 1HP for the 1HP levels (total of 2) but the coin multiplier is x0.5) NORMAL (All the current settings, coin multiplier is x1.0) and HARD (You start with 2 HP and enemies have an additional 1HP)
– Upon completing both chapters, the next levels you play will grant you double coins.
– Updated the save system.
– Tweaked Chapter II Level 20 to be harder to beat (Faster Fire and more spikes)
– Bosses on Chapter I Level 20 now have a boss bar
[MOBILE] Tweaked mobile touch controls


– Completely redesigned Pause menu and Options
– Removed Local Multiplayer because of critical bugs (It will be back ASAP)
[MOBILE] Added the option to turn on vibration when the player takes damage


– Fixed some HUD visual bugs in Chapter I
– Fixed Linux Window Issues

See you in the cave!