Deep Chapter III Update

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that the long-awaited Chapter III is live and available to play now on Steam and Android! Apart from the new levels, we have added many new features and here is a detailed explanation of them:

Deep v3.9.0 Update Full Change-Log


  • We have made 20 new levels (10 small, 9 medium and a final large level). The name of this chapter is “Into the flames” because of its fire theme. Try to survive the collapse of the cave complex and escape the fire!
  • The 20th level of the new chapter has a twist like the two chapters before, but unlike the bosses or the rising fire, the cave in Chapter III collapses and everything turns! The best way to experience it is to play it (Warning: it’s not easy!). It can get trippy and weird, but you will figure it out 🙂
  • There is a new achievement called “Escape the flames” that’s awarded to you after completing the new chapter.
  • Chapter III features a new soundtrack.


  • We added a Level Editor that can be used to make your own levels! You can share your creations with the community on our Discord server (Join it here: If you make a good enough level, there is a possibility that it will end up as an official level in Chapter IV! We will organize some level-making contests so stay tuned for that.
  • Level Editor has most of the gameplay features found in the official Chapters, but some complex ones are still missing (Ladder, Platforms, property editor for enemies/objects…) We will be upgrading the editor with the missing features gradually over time. Thank you for patience.
  • If you are interested in level making, please read this manual:


  • We have added a long-awaited feature: Checkpoints! If you play the game on easy difficulty, checkpoints will appear in all medium (10-19) and large (20) levels.
  • The bosses in Chapter I Level 20 will have less HP if played on the easy difficulty.


  • Introducing Cosmetics Expansion Pack: 7 new skins you can wear while exploring Chapter III. This is the first DLC we made for Deep and we hope you will like it. This is currently the only way you can support the development of Deep and receive some cool skins for doing so. We hope you like the designs
  • You can pick up the DLC on the Steam page (Deep The Game – Cosmetics Expansion Pack on Steam) for $5 and receive the following skins:
  • Beggar, Builder, Airport Worker, Doctor, Soldier, Eternal Jack, and Zombie


  • Fixed a gravity issue in Level 1 Chapter II
  • Other small fixes

See you in the cave!