Level Creating Contest! Make a level and win prizes!

This contest has concluded. Thanks to everyone that participated with their levels! We hope to see more great levels like these in the future!

Hi everyone!

We would like to see your creative skills in level-making in Deep. Make a level, publish it on the Workshop and win some prizes (if the level is good enough 😉 ). Read the rules and other useful information down bellow.

Making a level

1. To start, enter Deep and navigate to the Level Editor (In the menu click play, then Workshop, and create a new level.)

2. Official Levels have all options set to default except the level size (small for levels 1-10, medium for 11-19 and large for the last level).

3. Design your level’s layout, place some enemies, and decorate it. To learn how to use the editor we highly recommend reading the official editor documentation here: https://goricinaproductions.com/level-editor-documentation/

Do’s and don’ts in level making

– Make your tiles connect visually
– Use default speed and don’t use low gravity mode settings and one of the preset level sizes.
– Decorate your levels with decorations
– Make sure the flow of the level is clear – the level goes from the right to the left side or follows a certain path.

– Don’t place many enemies on the same spot
– Don’t make your level too hard
– Don’t use objects wrongly. Make sure you know how to use bridges, platforms, and other objects that have unique placing rules.
– Don’t hide the exits and don’t make them hardly accessible.

4. Publish your level to the Steam Workshop and share it with your friends.

5. Wait for the end of the contest. The best levels will be showcased on the Workshop and the official Discord server. Winners will be privately notified to claim their prize.


Every picked winner will receive the Cosmetic Expansion Pack DLC Code, and the best entries may be eligible for cash prizes.


1. The contest’s start is August 8th, 2020. at 00:00 CEST (3 PM PST), and ends 2 weeks later, on August 21st, 2020 at 23:59 CEST (2:59 PM PST). All levels submitted in this period are automatically part of the contest and are eligible to receive prizes.

2. Levels, name, the description, and the thumbnail may not contain any inappropriate content such as adult content, profanity words, swastikas, etc. Levels that break this rule will be removed and the owner may receive a ban from the game’s workshop.

3. The judging process will start on the event’s end, and the results will be published on Steam, the Discord server, and other social media.

4. The prizes will be given to winners when the judging process ended. They cannot be exchanged for cash or sold.

5. There is no limit on the number of levels you can submit to the contest.

6. Likes and ratings of levels aren’t taken into consideration while judging.

Good luck everyone!

We wish you good luck with level making and designing. We can’t wait to play your creations and we hope you will have fun in the process.

See you in the cave!